Recent Storyboard Work

 While not my main job, I really enjoy making storyboards, and I've had the pleasure of working on some really fun and interesting projects relatively recently.


There was this Adidas advert, for Blink, directed by Robert Strange! 

There was, rather unusually, a storyboard for a light show, to be projected onto a building in the old town of Jeddah, for Atticus Finch!

(It makes more sense to watch it as a gif than to see it as a storyboard - one of the many advantages of getting an animator to do your storyboards!)

Some concept art for the lovely folks at Drool


 And here's a storyboard I did for Drool, for a pitch for an advert for soup

Recent Animation Projects

Last summer I animated most of the squiggly bits on these cute promos for Cartoon Network


I did a little bit of animation on Yuvaroo Studio's video for I Love My Nails by Netta earlier in the year

Also working for Yuvaroo, I did a big chunk of the cartoon animation on this video for Vox last Christmas


and on this one

And before that I animated the cowboy, when he's flying, surfing and riding on a chip (but not the bit where he's walking) on this advert for Proper Chips, made by Blink


And before that I animated the lamp, washing machine, and dishwasher in 

this lovely advert for Amazon Alexa

for Passion Picturews, directed by McBess

(sorry - can't find a video that's easily embeddable)

TWO new comics!

 Exciting News! I've just self-published two new collections of my comics work, and they're now available to buy, using my new online shop!

 The first is GRAVITATIONAL COLLAPSE,  which is a collection of short comics (1-4 pages in length) that have been published in various anthologies over the past decade. The main one being Stripburger, who've been helping me get my work into places it never would have reached since 2012, but also Off-Life, Dirty Rotten Comics, The Broken Frontier Yearbook, to name the ones I can remember without having to do any research.

The second is called STANDING OUTSIDE THE STATION, SWEATING, which is composed of short, off-the-cuff comics, the likes of which I share regularly on Instagram and Twitter, but also contains a new 10 page travelogue comic that's never been seen anywhere before.

It's more inkeeping with the other A5 comics I've self-published over the years, such as Hand, Underpants, and Me, Talking to Myself About Myself, as Usual.

(Don't forget It's Cold in the River at Night is still available from the publisher, Avery Hill!)

Spongebob Squarepants

 I've done a lot of work for Nickelodeon, so I'd almost forgotten about the time Spongebob edited an issue of ID magazine. I was asked to illustrate the cover and several interior pages, but when I was about half-way through the job the Spongebob people in America decided they wanted to do the artwork themselves. Apparently they liked my drawings, but it seemed like such a fun project they couldn't resist. Something like that anyway.

Pages from my Graphic Novel

 My favourite bits from It's Cold in the River at Night (Published by Avery Hill, 2017)

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words - designs

 For years I've been telling people that I've been working on an animated film. Well it's true and it's almost finished. Here are the first character designs, followed by a couple of stills from the actual film.

Character Designs

 From my archives: I came up with two versions of this character a while ago. Why did I do that? I was demonstrating to someone my character design capabilities. 


Some designs I did a while back for a Hotdog character, for Th1ng



Don't forget to keep checking my Instagram, for new comics (almost) every week! 



Stripburger #79!

Two of my comic strips are in it. And loads of other good stuff too.